Ministerial Guidelines (2017 and 2018)

National Guidelines for Family Members (Italy, September 2018)

The Ministerial "Recommendations for family members" are meant to help family members of patients with EDs, providing them with the first answers on how to recognize the symptoms of these disorders and how to provide practical support, especially during meals.

Download the Italian Ministerial Guidelines for Family Members (2018)

National Guidelines for Nutritional Rehabilitation in Eating Disorders (Italy, September 2017)

Quaderni del Ministero della Salute, N. 29

The problem of Eating Disorders (D.A. - Disturbi dell’Alimentazione) represents an area of increasing importance for public health.

These guidelines aims to be a practical tool for healthcare providers involved in eating disorders treatment, in order to recognise correctly people in need of a nutritional support and to provide the most adequate treatments in due time.

It is expected that these guidelines can contribute to reduce the medical complications resulting from malnutrition and to facilitate the recovery of a proper nutritional condition and physical health, which are essential steps in the process of recovery. 


Download the Italian Ministerial Guidelines (2017)